Our proposition

Rapidly evolving technologies and business models force corporates to reinvent themselves. To "self-disrupt", corporates need open innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and fast experimentation. X!Delft offers tailored programs and a single point of access to shape partnerships between corporates and TU Delft.

Gain access to TU Delft know-how and knowledge

Meet, learn from, and innovate together with TU Delft thought leaders.

Experience new technologies at the living labs (such as The Green Village, RoboValley, Medical Delta and VPDelta) and experiment together on new innovations and business opportunities.

Get support in finding specific know-how or technology, initial contact, and follow-up until coordination is no longer needed.


Explore business opportunities with Roland Berger

Get support in translating ideas into concrete applications and business models.

Receive support from Roland Berger's expert network when validating market potential and business cases.

Tap into Roland Berger's knowledge of industry-wide and sector-specific trends.


Meet, experiment with, and learn from top-talent

Get access and visibility to talent: inventors, experts, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs.

Interact with TU Delft's talent through dedicated competitions and events (e.g. competitions, hackathons, dream teams).

Get brand exposure as a corporate partner of TU Delft, e.g. logos on the living labs, press releases, etc.


Collaborate on innovations with startups and scaleups

Identify and engage with tomorrow's leading technology companies.

Enter into collaborations with Climate-KIC, YES!Delft and its startups to develop new ventures.

Receive support and coaching when working together with (YES!Delft) startups.

TU Delft logo

TU Delft offers groundbreaking technology and know-how.

With over 20,000 students and 1,500 academic staff members, the TU Delft offers an endless source of talent.

The university is at the forefront when it comes to valorisation, with living labs such as The Green Village, RoboValley, Medical Delta, Flood Proof Holland and the D:DREAM Hall.

Roland Berger logo

Roland Berger is a top-tier strategic consultancy firm and long-time partner in the TU Delft startup ecosystem.

X!Delft acts independently from Roland Berger's daily business, but has full access to its know-how, global network and excellent reputation in innovation and venturing.

Roland Berger brings in the structure and business knowledge to translate academic excellence to business needs and the other way round.

Our annual program for corporate partners

X!Delft offers tailored programs to build bridges between companies and the university's ecosystem of living labs and startups.


Our journey starts with an intake where we align ideas, needs and expectations

Discovery day

Connecting companies' innovation needs and TU Delft technology, highlighting large trends, presenting TU Delft research, startups and living labs

Exploration themes

Explorations are aimed at joint research, experimentation at living labs, collaboration with start-ups and/or hosting of student competitions (topics and format can be jointly selected)

Executive innovation dinner

Dinner for executives of corporate partners and TU Delft to discuss innovation, society's challenges, and promising ways forward

Network events

Events to stimulate interaction between innovation leaders and TU Delft innovators

Corporate exploration and training programs

Events on technology domains (robotics, AI, quantum technology, blockchain, etc.), important trends and new ways of working

Anual Program X!Delft

Find out
how we can innovate together.