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Inspiration and Collaboration


X!Delft partnerships are typically kick started with a Discovery session (and later on an annual base). During this session we discuss the future of your industry and the innovation challenges your company faces. We also identify opportunities for joint innovation that will form the basis for our ongoing collaboration. We prepare the session by interviewing several key representatives from your organization to better understand your company’s strategy. Engaging with experts in the various fields from the TU Delft and its wider ecosystem, helps us develop an understanding of how innovation will impact your industry and identify those opportunities you could capitalize on. The people within your organization responsible for driving innovation are then invited to an inspiring Discovery session, where they meet startups, researchers, students and other people to engage in a lively discussion and immerse themselves in inspiring presentations and demonstrations. The outcome of this session is then jointly developed into an annual plan.

Network events

We frequently organize inspirational network events at the TU Delft. These events are open to our partner’s innovation leads and other interested colleagues, and provide the perfect opportunity to meet one another in a casual environment while discussing mutual innovation challenges. Network events are set up around specific themes, ranging from robotics, to urban mobility, to predictive maintenance, or one of the many other innovative topics the TU Delft has to offer. The events are held at one of the many innovative locations the university has to offer. To facilitate lively and in-depth discussions we also invite our researchers, experts, students and entrepreneurs from the TU Delft with relevant knowledge or experience.

C-level collaboration

We believe companies benefit from innovating with partners across the entire value network. To facilitate cooperation, we annually host an exclusive dinner event for our partners’ C-level executives. During this dinner we reflect on the opportunities the X!Delft partnership offers its members and we discuss its role in corporate innovation. This high level executive event also serves to encourage collaboration between partners and thus jointly shape the innovations that answer industry’s and society’s challenges. Our partners are also encouraged to think along and define promising ways forward for the TU Delft that fit with their and society’s requirements.

Innovation and Experimentation


With the annual plan as a guide, we jointly define and develop various tailored research projects, experiments of joint interest or pilots, and demonstration projects that fit our partner’s strategic innovation agenda. The scale of these projects, exclusive to X!Delft partners, can vary from smaller projects where we try out a specific innovation or technology, to the development of a whole new field lab dedicated to a topic of mutual interest.
X!Delft projects are typically more short term (3-12 months) than the average 2 to 4 year research projects and thereby align more with corporate timelines and need for quicker results.
X!Delft kick starts required project investments and sets up, coordinates, mobilizes and connects the various parties, but also monitors progress and continuously oversees that the interests of all parties involved are being served effectively. As the partnership evolves, we continuously propose new project ideas and opportunities of potential interest that could be explored further.

Field labs

TU Delft is home to a variety of field labs, from The Green Village where a wide variety of sustainable technologies are tried in practice, to RoboHouse where the future of robotics is being developed, to YES!Delft, incubator of high-tech startups. Being a partner in the X!Delft community gives you access to any and all of these field labs. Jointly we define where your interests lie, and how you could participate in and capitalize on the know-how being and talent developed there.

Student challenge

Being one of the oldest technical universities in the world, the TU Delft is home to nearly 25.000 students from all over the world – all motivated and talented young people with a clear drive and interest in technology engineering, innovation and design.
X!Delft offers its partners the opportunity to engage with and leverage this outstanding pool of talent in carefully designed challenges and projects. Challenges or projects can last anywhere from several days to six months. Use these unique multi-disciplinary student teams to learn about new technologies, explore new design opportunities, develop out-of-the-box solutions and much more. Inspire your organization with fresh insights and get to know potential employees early on.

Entrepreneurship and Venturing


Collaborate with YES!Delft, the globally acknowledged World Top Business Incubator. YES!Delft is home to a large number of innovative high-tech startups and has produced over 200 young companies since its inception. Immerse yourself in YES!Delft’s startup culture. Meet tomorrow’s leading firms, establish collaborations with innovative startups and young talent and teach your employees to work in a lean and agile fashion. X!Delft offers its partners full access to YES!Delft incubator and thus revitalize their entrepreneurial spirit.


Conceived to accelerate the process of innovation-to-market, X!Delft helps its partners not only to develop new innovations, but also to build new business activities that capitalize on their potential. Develop and validate new business concepts, assemble capable venture teams and build innovative high tech ventures. Experiment with innovative concepts that could potentially grow and/or disrupt your business – safely, at arm’s length, but ready to incorporate or control if the results justify it.

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Talent Development

Education programs

Through corporate education programs, we help you to develop your staff’s talent on all kinds of innovation related knowledge and skills. How to apply robots in your organization, what to expect from AI, how to use design thinking methods? Researchers share their latest insights, together we apply cutting edge knowledge on cases, while online learning will strengthen understanding of your staff. This blend of corporate education with hands-on innovation projects is how X!Delft helps you grow your company’s innovation culture.

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    Young Professional Programme

    In the L.E.A.D. Young Professional Programme -a training programme within our L.E.A.D. Programme-, young professionals will learn about the latest technologies across the board and its (future) implementation in business. The Programme consists of four blocks of two days spread across 2020, during which participants will gain a comprehensive perspective on technologies through a blended learning approach. The approach combines lectures by experts from Delft University of Technology, tailored practical insights and business cases from partner organisations, and company visits to our fieldlabs.

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      As the world is increasingly impacted by technological developments like AI, robotics, blockchain, nanotechnology, quantum technology, etc., there is increasing competition for talent with relevant skills. X!Delft supports you in finding and getting to know the best and brightest talent at the TU Delft, through collaboration and specific talent meeting events.