Thursday 21 February 2019

16:00 – 17:15

TUD Auditorium
Collegezaal A
Mekelweg 5
2628 BC Delft

Setup: two research talks (academia / industry), and cookies and drinks afterwards, sponsored by Delft Data Science.


Willem van Doesburg, Senior Data Scientist, Liander / Alliander
Matthijs Danes, Analytics Expert, Liander / Alliander

Title: Strategic investing in energy grids using AI algorithms

The use of AI is becoming unavoidable. Until 2050 the energy transition will result in investment uncertainty that the human brain can no longer process. In this talk we show how AI can be used to provide insights into investment choices. In particular, our goal is to support grid operators such as Liander to develop an optimal investment strategy.


Dr. Mathijs de Weerdt, Software Technology, TU Delft

Title: AI for a Responsible Power System

This talk consists of two parts: in the first part I’ll explain what I believe is the most important goal for AI research in general. From that I motivate research questions that will drive research in our group for the coming years. Then, in the second part I’ll give an overview of research results that contribute to a better power system, for example on how to efficiently deal with congestion in the distribution of electrical energy using new types of algorithms and mechanisms.



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