X!Delft - Strengthening corporate innovation

X!Delft offers corporates the opportunity to innovate in and around the multi-disciplinary and multi-industry ecosystem of Delft University of Technology living labs, institutes, start-ups, researchers and students.

Via tailored, solution-oriented programs, facilitated by Roland Berger, corporate partners extend their innovation capabilities, explore new technologies and translate these into new business opportunities.

Corporate partners are invited to learn together, meet each other, collaborate through experimenting/pilots in living labs, and jointly shape the innovations that meets society's challenges.

With nearly 20,000 students, more than 1,500 academic staff and 8 faculties, TU Delft has been a frontrunner in technology and innovation for over 175 years.

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Our proposition

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Gain access to TU Delft know-how and knowledge

Experience new technologies at the living labs and experiment together on new innovations and business opportunities

Explore business opportunities with Roland Berger

Get support in translating ideas into concrete applications and business models

Collaborate on innovations with startups and scaleups

Discover new ways of incubation and corporate venturing

Meet, experiment with, and learn from top-talent

Connect with talented minds and increase visibility


Our ecosystem

The TU Delft ecosystem consists of a wide range of research areas, LivingLabs (e.g. RoboValley, Blockchain Lab, the Green Village, Medical Delta) and is a source of top talent.

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Our partners

X!Delft aims to build a platform where corporate partners can meet, collaborate, and shape the innovations that meet society's challenges.

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Meet executives and innovation leaders from other companies, TU Delft and Roland Berger

Get inspired by each other's ideas on innovation and learn from innovations in other industry sectors

Discuss society's challenges and explore promising directions together

Find out
how we can innovate together.