Reinvent yourself over and over again.

About X!Delft

Our world is changing. A growing and ageing population needs new answers to global challenges. From energy, climate and mobility to health, from food and natural resources to robotization and digitization. These challenges transcend borders and defy boundaries. Solving them requires technological innovations that are complex, multidisciplinary, time consuming, capital intensive and potentially disruptive. No company, industry, government or research institute can develop or successfully introduce such innovations on their own.

We envision a public-private innovation campus where tomorrow is made. By new generations of engineers, the researchers that train them and the companies that will employ them. A vibrant, dynamic ecosystem that benefits all. At X!Delft, we aim to physically connect the core of Delft Technical University to industry and society, on campus, to create the future. Together.

True partners in innovation
An ecosystem for change.

X!Delft closes the gap between academics and corporations with ambition. Offering strategic collaborations to inspire, experiment, spark entrepreneurship and develop talent. X!Delft partners are leading the way in co-innovation.

Our team.

Zwanet van Lubek

With a background in transformation management, Zwanet is experienced in aligning people and connecting businesses to create technological innovations with the aim to deliver sustainable results impacting society.


Jeroen Althoff

Jeroen, a Delft alumnus and involved with X!Delft from the start, is a strong enthusiast and promotor of innovation to help companies seize new businesses opportunities and reinvent themselves.


Toon Stilma

With experience in consulting, in a startup and at the TU Delft, Toon focuses on several key accounts and developing new means to collaborate, such as corporate education and corporate venturing.


Maike Simmes

As innovation manager Maike works closely together with our corporates partners, and the University of Delft, in order to accelerate innovation. She has a broad international experience in the field of start-ups and corporate innovation.


Joost Hakhoff

Within his role as product and innovation manager, Joost aims to open up TU Delft’s significant knowledge portfolio with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence, by focusing on developing innovative collaboration models and corporate education activities.


Lys-Anne Sirks

Lys-Anne is responsible for general support in project management within the team. She has  previously worked at The Ocean Cleanup and has a background in international development, where innovation is key to facing constantly evolving challenges.